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You will never appreciate just how convenient it is to drive your car until you lose your power steering mechanism. If you are in this page, you probably know now just how much of a nightmare it is to be forcing your thousand-ton vehicle to weave through traffic without power steering. One would say that this is almost impossible. After all, it is this hydraulic system (aka your power steering system) that makes it possible for you to turn your car to whatever direction you want without having to break a sweat.

So do you need assistance to repair your power steering mechanism? No need for you to look further because Mobile Mechanic Seminole is here to help you out.

Call us to know more about our services and how we can fix your power steering system. Aside from that, we also offer other services such as oil change and diesel mechanic.


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The Basics of Power Steering

First, it is important that you know just what the power steering mechanism does. This way, you are better educated on how we can fix it and why it is important.

Obviously you know that power steering was built for convenience, right? It is the mechanism that makes it possible for you to gently move your car around. It is the hydraulic system that turns even your smallest of effort into a force that can make your car move very easily. Pretty impressive, right? Now let’s look more into this—how it works and why your car is in trouble might be having trouble with its power steering functions.

As previously said, your car’s power steering mechanism gives you control on the road. Once you lose this control and proper functions of this mechanism, you might note the following driving issues:

  1.     You might notice that it feels heavy to turn your wheels

By now you should know the amount of pressure in steering that your car best responds to. When you notice that your car now requires more power from you than usual, then it is likely that it is time for you to look into the issue.

Why is this happening? It is very likely that your power steering fluid has reached a lower level than what is required.

What should you do? If you know a thing or two about your car, you might want to look into the fuse box just to make sure that everything is at the right place. However, you do still want to make sure that your car is completely safe to drive around. This is why we recommend that you bring your car to the mechanics for a professional diagnosis and repair.

Better yet, have the professionals come to you. Give us a call at Mobile Mechanic Seminole.

  1.     You hear grinding noises when you turn your wheel.

We know that this is much easier to ignore than a heavy steering wheel. However, this is just as serious. That shrill sound is the warning sounds that your car emits to let you know that all is not right under the hood.

Why is this happening? There is a big chance that the issue lies in your power steering belt. It could have easily been dislodged or worse, it could now be worn out and you might need to have it replaced right away.

What should you do? If it has simply been loosened by whatever reason, you can simply put it back in place. However, if your belt needs to be replaced, it is always the best option to give your mechanic a ring so he or she can fix it in no time. Consider checking also our affordable and high quality services like water pump replacement and starter replacement.

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Don’t know who to call? We have mechanics here at Mobile Mechanic Seminole ready to help you at any time.

  1.     You notice that there is a puddle under your car.

Now the puddle could mean a dozen different things. However, if you notice the first two symptoms together with a leak in your car, then there is a very high chance that there is a leak in your power steering system. You would classify the leak as dark brown in color. Often, this might also be paired with a burning smell.

Why is this happening? This is likely caused by a crack in your power steering fluid reservoir. Alternatively, there might also be a crack on the hose.

 What should you do? To get to the root of the problem, it is always best to inspect your power steering parts regularly. However, if you are now in this situation, you can go ahead and call the experts so they can remedy the situation. You might need a change in reservoir and the connections will be fixed right away.

Do you suspect a power steering fluid leak? Have the experts at Mobile Mechanic Seminole take a look at the situation>>

Who is Mobile Mechanic Seminole

Now that you know just what it is that you should be looking out for, it is now time that you get to know the guys who will fix these issues for you. We are Mobile Mechanic Seminole and we offer professional car repair and maintenance services.

What sets us apart from other mechanics is that we offer convenience, first and foremost. Whatever issue you may have with your car, you don’t have to come to us. We will be the ones who will make our way to you. As long as you are in the area, we will make sure to give you the right service at any time that is convenient to you.

We have been offering our services for close to three decades now. While we do have a shop downtown, we know and understand just how stressful it will be for you to bother with the travel. And so, we will come to you.

To book for our services, all you have to do is to ring us up. Don’t forget to tell us the situation so we are better prepared. Once you have booked your appointment, you can now breathe easy in the knowledge that we will send a team to you right away.

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