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Are you looking for someone to do your wheel bearing replacement? Mobile Mechanic Seminole is here. We are an Auto Repair Shop that you can rely on though you just knew about us. Wheel bearing replacement is one of our services that are essential in every car. Bearings may be marketed as one that can last a lifetime. It is true but not all result in that situation. Many car owners had been on distressed when they suddenly have the wheel bearing problem. They do not know what it is but visible reasons would let you know if your wheel bearing needs replacement or repair. Wheel bearing replacement is an easy job for Mobile Mechanic Seminole. We had already the expertise and tools ready when you will call for the service. If you are in Seminole and Florida, just call us and feel free to consult about our other services such as brake repair and car battery replacement

Understanding The Wheel Bearing

The wheel bearings were given a lifespan of 136, 000 to 160, 000 km. Others have another say. That is because of the influence of various factors like the quality of the wheel bearing and how it was used.

A wheel bearing has an important role in any vehicle. They are the ones that connect first the static and moving parts of the car. It consists of steel a ball set that is held by a race which is ring-shaped metal. It is a device that will reduce friction so that rotation happens smoothly and efficiently. Rolling has lesser friction as compared to sliding. This then will allow the spinning of the wheels fast but with less friction. A wheel bearing is used by all kinds of vehicles like cars, bicycles, and aircraft. 


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Symptom Of A Bad Wheel Bearing

The top sign that tells you something is wrong in your wheel bearings is a noise. There are signs that you can feel but the most common one is noise. Let us go through the signs of a bad wheel bearing.

  • There is a grinding noise when you are driving. It gets even more noticeable when you turn or shift. It can be because the wheel bearing already needs lubrication. There can be damage to the rollers. If you have this issue, you must let your car check immediately. Mobile Mechanic Seminole is an Auto Repair Shop you can call for assistance.
  • Your tire has abnormal tire wear. There are sets of wheel bearings in your car and they do not receive the same level of work. That is why one could be damaged without the others experiencing any. So if you see this sign, you should let your wheel bearing be checked. It is not absolute that your wheel bearing is the problem but it is a good time to also check on them.
  • The steering wheel is vibrating. When you feel the vibration and you can feel it more when you accelerate, it could be the wheel bearing. Let it be check.
  • The steering wheel is loose. This can be because of the wear your wheel bearing has had and they had become loose. It is not safe to drive like this so better call for the help of a mechanic.
  • The car is pulling to one side and not where it was supposed to be. As the wheel bearing has too much dirt or it has corroded, the exterior lining can disappear. More friction than would happen that lets your tire pull to one side.
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The Danger Of Driving With A Bad Bearing

Without the bearing, the wheel can just fall off while you are driving. Imagine what could happen after that. A car without one wheel cannot be controlled by the driver anymore. If you want to stay safe, of course, you do, do not ever drive when you have a bad bearing. You can just call Mobile Mechanic Seminole to help you out get on the road again.

Reasons for Premature Bearing Failure

  1. Wear

This is the top cause that wheel bearings fail. It is natural for them to wear but one reason they end up like that even if their life cycle has not reached yet the end is the use of the inappropriate wheel bearing. Bearing also has types and you should select what is right for your car with the consideration of what can affect it like the load the car would carry.

  1. Improper Mounting

If the bearing were not fitted in the right way, they will cause problems. There are three types of fitting for information purposes. They are mechanical, heat and oil.

  1. Lubrication Problems

This is one of the reasons why the car has a bad wheel bearing. The lubricant that was used is where the problem is. The lubricant may have been depleted or it was too much or the lubricant is not the right one. There are times when reapplied of the lubricant is enough. So if you listen to a sound that is not good, you better check immediately your wheel bearing.

  1. Contamination

The wheel bearing can be contaminated when it was not handled properly but it could also because of the sealant. If they did not use the correct sealant then the problem will occur. If the seal has space, contaminants could enter. That is why make sure that the correct seal is used.

  1. Incorrect Storage or Handling

If they are not stored in the proper places, they can be able to be contaminated by damp and dust. They can also receive scratches and even indented that can cause the bearing unusable or failing to be used. That is why you should follow what was the instruction that was given by the maker of it.

Make sure to always do car maintenance regularly so you can check what needed replacement or repair so that you can do them before your car suddenly stops and would not move again. It is better to prevent something from happening as it can cause an accident and you would not want that. Mobile Mechanic Seminole offers maintenance services. Please make the inquiry and you can have your own customized plan for your car’s maintenance.

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